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Our Business. Specialists in senior moving with specialties in helping seniors. Senior moving experts that specialize in senior moving. Making the move to senior living may be as easy as moving to a bigger property or an assisted-living community. Our team will handle every aspect!

Specialized Services Our team will work closely with you to make sure your move goes smoothly. From packing all the way to loading and taking off. Expertly trained movers within yNorth Uxbridge offer a complete variety of services to meet your specific requirements for your senior customers.

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Insurance Coverage. Your investment is secured. It is important to be sure that you are protected in case of unforeseeable accidents or harm to your belongings while in the transportation process. Alongside the standard coverage We can also offer coverage for unique, expensive objects like art, collectibles such as family heirlooms, artifacts and other items. A special insurance policy ensures you do not have empty pockets after your senior relocation services.

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Flat Fee. Flat Cost. This price is based upon how big your storage and moving needs are. Only those tasks that you complete the job. The flat cost is paid directly to the company to cover expenses for moving as well as equipment rentals, along with any hired professionals for your job.

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A Senior Moving Manager. We are able to provide an experienced Senior Move Manager who will assist you in your senior relocation. This covers everything from the packing process to delivery and transport. The entire process will be handled by an experienced professional who will let you rest, knowing that everything is in order. Also, we will handle all medical emergencies that occur while you are transitioning so you don’t have to worry about having to miss a day’s working due to sickness.

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Storage Rentals We will help you locate the best storage options that are temporary for your parent who is moving into a new house. It is possible to find the best storage facility for you. You can rent storage units in short periods of time for holidays, and even assist seniors with the preparations for the move. Storage rentals can also be a great option for college students that need temporary accommodation during breaks for school or any other moves for students. Storage rentals are perfect for college students that require an alternative place to live during school breaks as well as other school-related movements. It helps to eliminate clutter and makes space for new items.

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House Moving Services. Most senior moving companies also offer house moving services. Movers can take away family members from important tasks like shopping, cooking meals, or other household chores. A place to call home following a stressful move will to reduce stress and help the family members to be relaxed. Your family members will also enjoy the additional space and freedom that come from knowing that no one lives in a foreign area while you’re moving the items you have.

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Services for Senior Movers Senior moving companies offer a range of convenient features for homeowners. Moving services that we provide dry cleaning on site, dry cleaning, and storage. Movers can also make an overnight stay if required for your security.