Thank you for choosing Michael’s Moving And Storage. Over the years Michael’s Moving And Storage served thousands of clients who had all kinds of special requests. When working for you, our moving crew will make every effort to do what you ask for. However, there are times when customer’s needs and special requests might come with certain risks, and we cannot be responsible for the outcome of these requests. In order to avoid any misunderstandings on the actual day of the move, please read carefully our company’s policy below.

Local Moving

  1. Moving Cost. The final cost of your move will be determined based on labor hours (including travel time) multiplied by hourly rate.
  2. Labor Move Time. Move time starts upon the arrival of our crew at your location and ends upon the departure from your final destination. Move time is calculated based on 15 minute increments at the rate indicated on the estimate. Any travel between the origin and the destination is considered to be part of the labor time.
  3. Customer presence. The customer or an authorized representative must be present during the move at all times. It is customer’s responsibility to do a final walk-through inspection of the premises to ensure we have taken and delivered everything. Our time runs continuously until all tools and equipment are back in the truck and payment is completed.
  4. Materials use. Michael’s Moving And Storage provide an all-inclusive rate which included all the materials needed to complete your move with no extra charges for any of the material used on move day to perform the following: Pad-wrap of furniture (using moving pads and tape), New Mattress Covers, Boxes for your TVs, Packing of all Mirrors, Glass tops, Glass shelves, Glass doors, Large artworks, And Free use of wardrobe boxes on move day (use for hanging garments only),
  5. Packing Materials. Our trucks carry a standard set of boxes: 5 small, 5 medium, 5 large, 5 dishpacks,& and bundle of packing paper. If you feel like there will be some packing for us to be done, please make sure to inform us ahead of time, otherwise we’ll be limited to our supplies. All boxes and supplies used on your move to pack items you fail to pack and items that not listed in our included packing services are subject to addition charge, unless specified in your moving estimate.
  6. Additional services. In the event unexpected additional services are required to complete your move, these costs will be added to your final move price. Services such as Piano handling, Hoisting, Safe moves, special packing or crating, etc
  7. Waiting Time. In the case our crew arrives at your location at the time agreed upon, and you’re not ready for us to start the job, you’ll be billed for our waiting time at the same hourly rate indicated on your estimate.

Cancellation and Rescheduling

  1. To receive a full refund of your deposit you must cancel within 24 hours of booking your reservation (not applied for all last minute jobs booked less than 72 hours before move date). Any cancellations of your reservation after 24 hours of booking will cause a total loss of your deposit.
  2. Any reschedules have to be confirmed with your sales representative at least 2 business days prior to the move. Please note that rates are subject to change based on the availability and dates.
  3. Please note that cancellation fee ($275.00) will be charged if you cancel your move less than 48 hours before your move date/time
  4. Any last minute (same day) cancellation of your move will result in full minimum cost of your move based on your contract.

Promotional Items

  1. Any promotional items (i.e. flyers, coupons, third party vendor/website special offers, promo codes, any online promotional deals or certificates) have to be submitted and redeemed before the actual booking of the move and will not be accepted on move date unless your sales person was notice ahead of time.
  2. No promotional coupons can be applied towards any minimum charge moving services.
  3. Two and more promotional items cannot be combined.
  4. Returns of any promotional items purchased through a third party vendor/website have to be processed directly through the seller/distributor of the promotional item.
  5. Please note: purchase of any promotional item through a third party vendor/website does not guarantee any availability or fixed price for services to be rendered. Rates are subject to change based on the availability.

Disposal Services

  1. Michael’s Moving And Storage perform disposal and clean-out services and we can definitely take care of your unwanted items. Any disposal services have to be approved and confirmed by our staff before performed.
  2. All disposal services are subject to additional charges (unless otherwise specified on the estimate). Charges will be applied based on the amount of space your unwanted items takes on our moving truck measured by cubic footage at the rate of $1.75/cuft with the following minimum:
    • a) $15.00 per article Small items (chairs, end tables, small shelves, boxes, etc.).
    • b) $35.00 per article Medium items (tables, recliners, rockers, cribs, etc.).
    • c) $65.00 per article Large items (desks, dressers, bed frames, ).
    • d) $100.00 per article Oversized items (i.e. mattress, armoire, love seat, sofa, etc.).
  3. We reserves the right to decline any requests on disposal services without any further explanations.

Additional Policies

  1. Damages and claims. Any damage claims must be submitted in writing to our claims department. Applicable notes about these damages must be made in writing on the bill of lading on the day of your move before movers leave your premises. Our company standards do assume a full inspection of furniture by both our movers and customers however the final inspection is the responsibility of the customer. All of our customers sign a bill of lading upon completion of a move. It reads The above services were rendered and all goods delivered in good order, except as noted. For any insurance company this document is critical in noting charges the same day, to ensure the damage occurred that day and that coverage could be provided. Unless payment is made in full as is due we are not required to answer or process a claim. Do not assume you may deduct the money from the final bill to compensate yourself in the event of damage. This is ILLEGAL.
  2. Moving of a refrigerator. We only move empty freezers/refrigerators. Please empty the contents for safe moving. Michael’s Moving And Storage will not take responsibility for the mechanical condition of the item, unless visible physical damage was caused in the process of moving.
  3. Moving of a grandfather clock. Customer is responsible to prepare the clock for moving by removing all the moving parts (removing the pendulum, chimes and weights). Clock itself will be blanket wrapped and crated around with double-walled cardboard. Please note: clock mechanism has to be stopped by you, the owner. We will not be able to do that. We will also not be able to set up the time, start the mechanism or perform any adjustments to the mechanism upon the delivery.
  4. Moving of an aquarium. Any aquarium to be moved has to completely empty. Michael’s Moving And Storage will not move any aquarium that have any dcor, water or any other equipment in it. We will not disassemble, reassemble or install any aquarium. Please consult with a proper professional prior to the move.
  5. Moving of piano. Piano moves have to be confirmed in details with our staff prior to the move.

Payment for services

Michael’s Moving And Storage has been committed to serving you the customer. In order to avoid misunderstandings, we would like you to read the following information.

  1. All charges for a local move must be paid in full by the end of your moving day before movers delivering the last few items in to your new location,
  2. All payments for services rendered must be in the form agreed in advance, All Local moves (customer move within the state) can be paid by cash, credit or debit cards.

Moving Insurance

Michael’s Moving And Storage has been committed to serving you the customer. In order to avoid misunderstandings, we would like you to read the following information.

  1. All charges must be paid in full before any claim can be placed by the customer or process by us.
  2. Upon completion of the job, it is the customer’s responsibility to inspect the truck to make sure nothing has been left behind.


Option A Basic Insurance

As a licensed common carrier, we are required to provide limited liability coverage at no charge to the customer. Under this option maximum liability is limited to $0.60 per pound per article, in the event of damage or loss.

Non-Allowable items

Please note that the following items are not allowed on the truck for safety reasons:

  • Aerosol cans, Alcohol, Ammonia, Ammunition, Car batteries, Charcoal, Charged scuba tanks
  • Chemicals / Chemistry sets, Cleaning solvents, Darkroom, Fertilizer, Flammables
  • Fire extinguishers, Guns, Paint thinners, Paints/varnishes, Pesticides, Poisons, Pool chemicals
  • Propane tanks, Rubbing alcohol, Sterno fuel, locked safes, plants, any type of animals
  • Customers are not allowed to ride as a passenger or as cargo on the moving truck