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After thoroughly researching each of the senior moving service providers in our area, we chose the top three options and checked their individual pros and cons for customer satisfaction. We then contacted the three best senior moving companies within our region and scheduled an appointment for each for a discussion about our plan. Below, we provide information on the successful senior assisted facilities move-in process.

In our meeting at the time, we handed over the flat fee estimate to the three moving firms. Three of them offered reasonable flat fee estimates and some charging less than one-half of one percent of the flat rate. Then, we were presented with three options and discussed which one would best fit our budget. The three firms that best matched our budget were chosen after which we scheduled an appointment for moving to the new location and begin packing immediately.

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Around 3 p.m Our senior manager responsible for relocation called to confirm that the team was on hand and ready to start our relocation services. He’d already called our office and home, notifying us that our scheduled moving date was open for only a few hours from now. Our flat fee estimates were confirmed , and our move date was scheduled for two days following.

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My husband and me relocated to our new residence within two days. We packed our possessions which included 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and one den. Our representative from relocation took us through our belongings at the new home. When we inspected them the rep explained that he could not give an estimate due to the fact that our belongings were damaged. As a result, he offered to remove any damaged items to allow us to estimate our new replacement cost.

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My husband and I immediately called the representatives of the moving firm to schedule a time for our items to be moved. The owner of the moving company Monday morning . He assured us that he’d go to the extremes that was possible to satisfy our needs. Concerns about being in the dark during our move were addressed , and my beloved family member was permitted to stay with us. The next day, we were with our family in Rockland. Our moving service returned the items we had brought to our home with no damage.

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Moving and packing with the right amount of planning it is possible to be successful with moving and downsizing. We agreed we would split the packing and moving chores. We could spend more time with our families, our lives and to prepare for the new lifestyle we will lead. In order to make sure that our home was in good shape for the move of our friends and family, we decided two trips to the removal company.

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It was our pleasure to accomplish these initial moves with ease and without much difficulty. Even though our movers weren’t doing an excellent job of the process of downsizing, we was a valuable lesson about how to move and pack more efficiently. Our family has since enlisted the services of senior moving to assist our family with all the aspects of moving.

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Many of our clients have been satisfied through our range of senior moving services. Not only did our family stay stress-free throughout this process, we’ve also felt secure knowing the safety of our home with the assistance of an knowledgeable professional. There is a price to pay to move your possessions However, you don’t need to pay it when you make use of an expert. It saved us our possessions as well as allowing us to be independent. What you get from an elderly moving service are definitely worth the cost.