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Michael’s Moving And Storage is a trusted supplier to the most prestigious corporate customers who reside in Framingham. We have helped countless Businesses, Investors and Organizations with their storage and moving demands. We make it easy for each of our customers move their offices, no whether they are small or big. Our team of experts can assist you in moving any company regardless of size. We understand that moving requires careful planning and preparation. we’ll work tirelessly to assist our clients in getting their job completed efficiently and successfully. If it’s moving into a new office or storage space, we will assure that your items move to your new storage facility or office safely and securely.

There are numerous companies in the Massachusetts commercial moving industry. It’s not easy to locate the best commercial moving service for your move. There are a lot of moving companies within Massachusetts specializing in commercial moves, but very few are able to provide true professional service and unparalleled assistance. Asking the right questions is one of the best methods of determining if a firm is going to be a good fit for you or not.

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Do you offer an experienced moving business that can assist me in my move for business? What procedures and services do the company have in place for me to adhere to when we move into our new workplace?” Also, you should consider whether you are comfortable with this business with sensitive information. Avoid working with them if you’re not comfortable with the total disclosure of information about your company.

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Commercial moving experts know how crucial security of commercial move boxes and offices is to employees and customers alike. The last thing you want is for your company files including confidential papers and valuable business property to be stolen during the process of moving. If you’re not sure about what level of service you can expect from your moving company or office space, choose the right company who will be upfront about what they require for you with regards to security and communications.

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Does my insurance cover me in case the office I have purchased is damaged or stolen when I move it? You will require insurance to protect your commercial property when you lease or rent it. General liability insurance is not available to commercial moving companies. The insurance typically covers the company in case it is damaged in transit. Make sure your commercial moving service has a committed team of insurance professionals ready to handle any incidents as well as injuries which may arise during your move.

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Do you have to pay a cost for the relocation? In accordance with the nature of your relationships with the firm you are using for the moving procedure, you may need to provide an amount that is non-refundable during the moving. The deposit will be used to fund the expense of your move. The option is to pay a monthly, quarterly or annual fee in accordance with the budget you have set. Be sure you are comfortable regarding the fee structure and how it affects your financials for your company.

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“How much time will it take to get things moving? This is the number one concern people face when they move. If you’re moving from an established site to a different one and you’re moving, anticipate the entire process to take anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks. This could take longer if your move involves multiple floors. Ask the moving company for the timing and method of the move and how they’ll handle the details for your move.

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Do I require special supplies or tools for my moving? Depending on your company’s nature and the current location, specific items and tools for moving might be required. Check that the products that you’re looking to buy work with your existing equipment. The best way to do this is to figure out what’s in your possession and get recommendations from the moving company moving company.