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Senior Transitions is present in 41 states across the USA. Senior Transitions is a Full Service Relocation and Storage Services service provider offering several services like storage and security mobility and storage along with house management as well as selling. It’s a Certified Relocation Transitions Specialist (CRTS) and provides multiple senior-oriented solutions, including cleaning and downsizing, as well as move coordination and real estate sales and many more. The company is well-respected as a firm for moving and storage services which has more than 26 years’ experience. They’re a company with a clear focus on customer service and quality.

The time for my senior years is nearing but I do not have enough time or funds to relocate everything. I’m in need of assistance,” she said. So she called me up to let me know that she wanted to talk about the possibility of relocating her senior-living facility located in Massachusetts and moving to a more spacious area. She was aware that moving residents there could be stressful and she needed me to help out by organizing her stuff for the new house.

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What exactly did we do? One of the things I suggested was to employ the senior services of moving. This would mean that we wouldn’t have to move anything. They could take care of the rest. Though she was pleased that we allowed her to perform the move, she was of the opinion that it would be more beneficial that we hired an estate sales representative to help her move. What should you be looking when you are looking for estate sales specialists to move your stuff to you?

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Before you do anything, make sure the mover has been certified for both residential and commercial moves. A lot of movers do not have licenses for all services related to moving. But, just one license is. Full-service businesses may boast that they’re only movers even though they offer both. They’re actually certified to provide residential moving services.

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Second: Choose a company with experience. It is not a good choice to hire a new mover. Make sure that your packing and moving business has proven track records. Ask them for reference numbers. Check out the length of time they’ve been in business. If you can find several successful customers, this is a good indicator.

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Three: Determine what kind of equipment is used by the moving company. It should be standard commercial tools like furniture hammers, and boxes. Also, mobiles that are portable items like can openers. Many senior moves involve a lot of moving as well as packing. The right equipment can help get their job completed smoothly.

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Fourth: Find out if the service has an unreserved fee. This flat rate applies to all services, and not just those that are bigger. Although some firms will be able to charge flat rates for larger move, other companies offer flat rates for smaller move. Check if the business has a flat fee for moves of senior citizens.

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Finally, don’t be afraid to inquire about the business’s track record. You’re entrusting them with your personal belongings and personal belongings, which is why it is important that they do the job right. You might consider moving on If the organizing and relocation company you are considering is providing you with a runaround, without answering any of your questions or explaining their processes, Take these suggestions in mind when looking at possible companies to assist you in choosing senior movers.