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“We collaborate with an International businessman who has decided to move his entire operation to Maynard. His staff includes a variety of permanent as well as US citizens. With this relocation, he is having difficulty selecting what office supplies to purchase as well as what type of equipment will be required for the move of his whole company to. The office staff at our company recommends the client use one of our Commercial Moving Services because of their high-end quality and the flexibility the company offers.”

“We were pleased to recommend Eagle’s service to a potential client earlier in the month. We asked three questions to the mover prior to his departure: what he had experienced in the field, the expense of his corporate relocation plan and what kind of office furniture his client use. He was extremely knowledgeable and detailed in his responses. He was able to provide us a precise estimate of costs for his relocation within a short time. We were also delighted to find out that all of his employees would be supported through the whole process.

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The guy has plenty of work to complete, and it’s going to be an easy task to move his office. The man told me immediately that he wanted help with some aspects. He mentioned that he’d like to have a handful of his employees remain at the same place of work when launching the company. Also, I noticed that he was planning to keep using the same setup for a couple of months until he can move his office. I was fine with this but he also suggested the office might require more office furniture in order to help make the transition a bit easier.

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“Great detail on my business relocation. It was all set within less than 2 hours and my employees as well as myself were ready to start the process by the end of the day. They were professional and courteous as they loaded our van with all the office equipment. It took around one hour to move all of the office equipment. This was an absolute satisfaction. They also cleaned the loading dock and the whole area was clean as we took off. Fantastic detail about my business relocation.”

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Fantastic information regarding our business’s move. Personally, I was worried that I would face difficult finding a mover capable of getting the relocation accomplished in a timely manner. My company is moving over to another location and the person I hired to do the relocation was unsure of what to do and was delayed for several weeks in getting started. She was contacted and she said that she was successful in finding a business willing to partner alongside us, making the process smooth.

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My experience with a commercial mover was very detailed. The move was completed in less than two hours and with little disturbance. The moving company that I chose was very prompt when it gave me an estimated time for the completion of the job and was highly efficient in their packing and move procedures. They were very knowledgeable and did an amazing job of moving our office. They were also very punctual with any queries I asked about the move, and making sure everything went well.”

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“Great information about my business move experience with the moving company. The process took less than two hours to finish the relocation and was able to cause very little disturbance. The company for commercial moving I chose was very prompt in giving a schedule for completion and was very efficient in their packing and moving procedures. Their staff was extremely knowledgeable and did an excellent job packing and moving every piece of our office equipment. They were also prompt when I had questions they have about the move as well as making sure everything went well.”

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This is just a small selection of praises that our customers have left about their experience when dealing with local commercial moving businesses that offer residential relocation services. Many people are attracted with the prices, but often are not aware of all of the services that are offered. Relocating your residence can be less lengthy and affordable if you’re clear about what you are getting. Contact your local corporate relocation company and start going for a smooth, easy transition for both you as well as your staff.