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With age as we get older, it is possible moving harder in comparison to the time the time was younger. Moving homes can be as if you are trying to put your life back together again. It’s not something you’d like to see in your home. It’s important to have loved ones to be capable of living independently to gain new knowledge so they will be active and independent members of the next chapter in their lives. Luckily, there are several firms that are currently committed to make this transition as easy as possible.

To begin We contacted a handful of senior movers within our area. We asked for quotes on relocation and packing services. We thoroughly reviewed every quote and then chose the three finest options. A company that has extensive knowledge in helping senior citizens relocate to and out of assisted living facilities as well as dementia care homes was important. We needed a firm that would offer excellent support during the entire process and for any additional needs. Then, we looked for an organization that could satisfy our organizational requirements, from packing until unloading to strong customer service and the commitment to offer customized one-stop packing and moving services.

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After a few months, we received a phone message from our local relocation coordinator. We were informed by the local relocation coordinator , that although she had provided assistance in early stages, she was unable to carry out the task. Every aspect of “downsizing” were completed by our movers. If we wanted to relocate our house permanently, she asked. If so that is the case, we’d want complete access to our home and a ramp to unload the load upon arriving. She also wanted to see whether we were keen to have a staff person with Alzheimer’s disease (ATAAD) collaborate with our elderly family member as a caregiver.

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In the same week, our movers filled the moving carts with the rest of our belongings and we walked to our new home. My aunt began complaining when we walked towards the huge moving truck. My aunt explained about being unable to relocate due to her illness and require her absence.

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My dad and mom have spent many days in my mother’s home, rather than turning her down. After the removal, she complained about having to leave her house in order to be transferred to an assisted living facility that provided no support and amenities. It was evident that her state of health and the situation she was in were directly related to the situation that she was not looking to reside in an assisted living facility long-term. In reality, she didn’t plan to even move! Because of the senior moving assistance she had already received, she knew that if she had decided to leave and move out, she’d be shifting to a smaller establishment with less resources, and that her needs were not being fulfilled.

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The doctors recommended she find an assisted living facility instead of remain in her family home. The patient also stated she didn’t feel comfortable being in the unfamiliar conditions of our new residence. Additionally, she was hoping to have the ability to store all of her personal possessions such as her medicine and her cooking tools. Our movers showed up at her home and unloaded everything. The family was extremely pleased with their job and their performance – it was like it was like moving back to our own home!

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When our movers arrived at the new home Mom asked me whether we’d be willing to move into our previous room for the duration of the move. Two managers for the move that we wanted to speak to were happy to accommodate our request. They unpacked everything, even the bed they had located at our grandparents’ home and dressers they found in the aunt’s garage. Even more delighted were they to learn that our planned schedule for the upcoming months did not include a move. They took care to transport our furniture and appliances into the storage space for safekeeping during the time our move was dealt with.

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My mother thanked the movers with a heartfelt thank you for their speedy service. The movers also praised how quickly they removed everything. All of this experience has restored my faith in humans and I now understand that moving is never pleasant. The experience given me valuable insights into taking all possible precautions for making my relocation day effortless and as smooth as can be. I have brought these tips along with me on my next move and have implemented them to great effect! Thank you so much for providing this invaluable information!