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At the time my husband fell ill and we had to make some very difficult decisions regarding our elderly family members’ move and assisted living needs, we were faced with several tough choices with regard to the packing and moving needs. Four moving firms were hired and one packing company was also employed. It was necessary to hire two full-time as well as two part time moving companies. Due to my husband’s condition it was necessary to hire eight persons to help us move our household items safely and quickly. We ended up hiring professionals for relocation and packing service which could cost more than seven hundred dollars per work week.

We took four months to finish the task as we tried to relocate and load ourselves. It cost us nearly 4000 dollars. This is a significant amount than the amount we spent for the services of four distinct relocation companies, as well as the packing supplies. Professional packaging and moving companies who provide their clients with efficient quick, efficient, cost-effective, convenient and cost-effective solutions. What went wrong? How did our brand new house prove to be substantially more difficult to market than we originally thought?

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Our situation was complex and we overestimated it. The main issue we didn’t consider was the issues of trust with the senior management. The trusted moving service we used delivered incredibly effective customer care, but we still needed be able to communicate with them. Seniors are usually very active, and they don’t like being taken along for the ride. We found that moving companies are always available to take good care of us. However, we didn’t think about how trusted they’d be if they didn’t communicate with us.

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How did it all end? There were two weekends to transfer our possessions to the new location. Even though our family members were able to provide most of the physical support however, we were dependent on our moving companies far too often. In some instances, our movers could not complete the task. There were occasions when family members were not around due to illness. Additionally, there were occasions that we were unable to schedule a pick-up because the senior moving service was closed for weeks.

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Through the entire process, no one ever discussed the amount of the belongings we own would weigh down our precious belongings. Our moving company provided estimates of the move, but did not mention how much items would be taking up the load of the truck. Then we discovered that the amount was incorrect. Numerous packing firms don’t give precise guidelines regarding how large loads can be transported. It is vital that you consult with your senior moving professionals exactly what proportion of your possessions you are capable of moving with your vehicle.

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As a result of this lack of communication was that our moving company’s senior staff had to cut off a possible revenue source. They had been making each of our calls, as well as obtaining our signatures for all of our moving documents – but they were not offering a weight allowance. This was the job of each individual moving company. The idea never came to us to find out what the weight limitations were on our senior-level moving service.

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We began to discuss greater things in the wake of the conversation about how essential it was for us to do the right moves. My spouse and I have maintained a the pleasure of working with our moving company of seniority because we both were in the business of moving several times. We had confidence that their services was professional and experienced. They weren’t people who needed to be removed. In fact, we did not think of them as better moving people than we had previously had in mind!

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Because we felt confident that our senior moving service understood what we needed, we decided to start making use of them once more. The move was not only much easier, my husband was also beginning to feel more at ease with the senior moving services we employed. We are currently in the process of finding an alternative senior moving service with whom we can count on going forward. It’s nice to know that there are seniors out with an urgency to act in the search for homes!